Our references

Since 2012 we have worked at:

Works council meetings (various companies from various industries)
Construction meetings (major project - construction of a hospital)
Various trade fairs (Messe Frankfurt)
Church events
Specialist congresses (medicine, IT, finance, etc.)
Technical training courses and plant tours (automotive industry, plant engineering, toolmaking, electrical engineering)
Commemorative events
Festive events
Sales events

“In a foreign language - without an interpreter - you say what you can say and not what you want to say."

- Hans-Dietrich Genscher -


German <-> English (other languages on request)

We offer the full range of interpreting services for your event: simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) via Zoom, WebEx, Teams, etc.

We'll find the right format for your event

We will be happy to put together a team of qualified interpreters for you, taking into account your specialist area and venue.

We can provide the right technology for your event - whether it's a booth or whispering equipment

Our focus lies on technology, IT, business, finance, etc. We work at specialist congresses, specialist conferences, EWC meetings, technical training courses, construction meetings, trade fairs, festive events, company tours and much more.